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October 2018
Vinišće, Croatia


We teamed up with Female Narratives, an all-female creative agency and collective based in London but globally affiliated, on their most recent road trip to Croatia. Co-founders Tijana and Franzi took Hanna and photographer India on a long weekend to the Adriatic coast around Split. 

Croatia, having the second highest number of islands in Europe after Greece, has pockets that are still relatively tourist-free, especially in the off-season. Staying in the quiet fishing town of Vinišće the girls explored nearby old towns and islands well off the beaten track and dove straight into the sea from the pier of their big stone house every day. 

We were able to catch up with the girls during the trip to get to know them, and Female Narratives a little better… 

Franzi Klein

What’s been your favourite part of the trip? 

I got to hang out with my best friends in an incredibly beautiful spot of the world. Work doesn’t feel like work that way and I think that really reflects in the images - we were just doing a little road trip, went swimming, cooked together and had a fun time which makes the whole story 100% authentic.

Explain Female Narratives to someone who doesn’t know anything about it? 

Female Narratives is a collective for female creative talent. We have about 100 multi talented, rad women in our pool and get together in groups to tell authentic stories and produce content, campaigns and events for brands.

When you pack, what are your essentials? 

I’m based in London but live half of my life out of a suitcase so I know exactly what I need and could probably pack for any trip within 10 minutes while still half asleep. Besides the obvious (passport, toothbrush, credit card, sunglasses, phone charger, battery pack…) I can’t travel without my laptop, a book, good skincare products, comfortable shoes and a big cosy jumper, especially for flights.

Describe your style in 3 words? 

Easy going, casual, comfortable.


Tijana Tamburic

Describe your style in 3 words: 

Thrifty, classic and comfortable - I've been known to travel in hand-luggage for 3 month round-the-world trips. I need my clothes to work for me and be versatile. I'll bring one pair of trainers, like my Roscomar ones, and wear them to the beach, to lunch and to the bar after dinner. I need to be able to dance in my shoes! 

Why did you decide to co-found Female Narratives? 

I'd been dreaming of a way to combine all my interests, passions and skills for many years and it sort of all clicked when I spoke to Franzi about it 2 years ago. It has been a dream ever since as we get to do things like this! 

What was the best part of the trip? 

Honestly, I'm Serbian and going to Croatia when I was younger always worried me because of the way I was told I would be treated if locals heard my Serbian accent. But that's just never happened to me. One of my best friends is from Zagreb and we travelled the coast together and I've never encountered any hostility or animosity. From my experience, at least, these worries are a myth. I always go to Croatia with an open heart and I've always been received the same way. I've loved being able to share my knowledge and experience of Croatia with my friends on this trip.


Hanna Hultberg

What do you love about this part of Croatia?

So I’ve been coming to this part of Croatia for the last 4 years and absolutely love it. It’s not touristy and you really feel part of the community. It’s where I go to recharge and relax. 

Which is your favourite Roscomar colour way?

I fell in love with the green sneakers, a perfect way to add some color to a simple outfit! 

What was the soundtrack of a the trip? 

I would say the soundtrack of the trip was Teardrops by Roosevelt.


India Hartford Davis

What’s shooting in Croatia like in relation to other places? 

Shooting in Croatia really reminds me of shooting at home! Beautiful uninterrupted landscape.. Quite baron and rural but so untouched... It actually made me really miss Australia! I think there is a lot of potential to shoot really romantic scenes in Croatia - with feminine clothes juxtaposed against quite a rural setting... I loved it!

Describe your style of photography in 3 words? 

I'd say my style... Although still developing, is very romantic. Especially when shooting backstage shows - I look for those beautiful soft moments, focussing on the detail of the lace or the fine floral prints. I wouldn't say I'm an edgy photographer pushing the boundaries - but rather someone who wants to tell a story - and make women feel confident and look confident!

What was your favourite part of the trip?

One of my favourite parts of the trip was shooting during 'golden hour' which was between 4.30-7pm ... Not really just one hour! But the colour of the setting sun against the water.. Made everything look so beautiful and luxurious.. It made my job so much easier and I'm so happy with the result! I think another part was going into the small town in the neighbouring village and watching as the local people gathered around where we were shooting in the small streets - and how they always commented on how beautiful the girls were and looked in their outfits! It was such a friendly exchange and kept the mood light and easy while shooting!