Emelie Sandberg @ 2020-02-13 12:17:14 +0000
February 2020
Antibes, France - The Alps, Austria 
Tom Adams Roscomar DECK sneaker white trainer


Meet Tom Adams. A friend of Roscomar and the videographer and photographer behind our most recent campaign. Along with his mate, fellow filmmaker, Laurens aka @birdseye, they embarked on a month-long journey from the countryside in France to the Austrian Alps, creating visuals and hanging out with other creatives.

We caught up with Tom after his travels to see how he embodies a creative life on the road.


How would you explain your career title and what does it entail?

I would describe myself as a self-shooting director/filmmaker. This title gives me the freedom to travel around the world and create videos reflecting the experiences I go through. Being a filmmaker allows me to combine all of my passions such as travel, sport, videography and music whilst enabling me to create cinematic pieces that I am proud of. This job entails a lot of travelling. A lot.


How do you incorporate work into your busy travelling schedule?

This is a difficulty that I am still struggling with to this day. Being able to organise one's mind in such a way that one is able to sit down and work wherever is a challenging feat to master, especially if you’re as disorganised as I am. I think the key to incorporating work with a hectic travel life is to enjoy the work that you are doing. Filmmaking is my passion and I will always find a way to fit it into my day whatever the circumstance.


How would you describe your style of work?

I would say the main adjective to describe the way I aim my work to be perceived is authentic. I try to capture moments in a raw and real form as they are happening in the world instead of staging events and pretending that they are real. I think that the authenticity conveyed by my videography style can really resonate with an audience as they can watch a real situation as opposed to a fake scene orchestrated in a studio. People want to see a product being used in the real world and not someone pretending to use them in a film studio.


What was your favourite part of this campaign?

My favourite part of this campaign was being able to travel to Austria to snowboard and film with some professional snowboarders from around Europe. Snowboarding was one of the reasons that I started filming, so to be able to capture some of the best riders in the continent was a dream come true.


What does creative life on the road mean to you and how does it reflect your lifestyle?

I would say creative life on the road to me simply means having the freedom to be anywhere. The only limitations are one’s own diligence.